E.CA Economics, Brussels

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The e.ca Economics Group branch-offices is located in a converted penthouse, set above the rooftops of Brussels. The basic design premise was to emphasise the incredible views over the beautiful old town, through maximum openness and transparency. All design elements, including modular furniture and fixtures were kept to white, and is grounded by dark wooden parquet floors. The dark floor further accentuates the band of windows and frames the view. Clear glass partitions separate office and meeting rooms, creating acoustically sealed areas within an otherwise open plan.

The reception, kitchenette and storage areas are combined and linked by a central serving island, used for welcoming visitors, coffee breaks or informal meetings. An important feature of the conversion is the creative intervention with the existing, bog-standard and harsh office lighting. Working with the paneled ceiling grid, more fittings were added, and clustered in cloud formations over various usage areas. Fitted with low wattage lamps, the office is bathed in a welcoming warm glow.

Büroumbau und Einrichtung mit Arno Löbbecke 2011

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