House Wiethaus, Dötlingen

von hw

House Wiethaus is set in a small forest in the idyllic village of Dötlingen, Germany. Built as a retirement home for the architect’s farther, this new construction measures approximately 90m2. Set in an environment guided by strict design regulations, the house transcends these limitations by referencing barns and stables typical to the area. The distinctive shutter doors and silver-grey wooden facade plays with traditional themes and is translated through graphic interplays into a contemporary idiom. The patina and texture of the facade was accomplished through the application of diluted lawn fertilizer (iron sulfate), which acts as a cost-effective bleaching agent and sealer.

The interiors connect with the surrounding forest landscape through large windows. The placement of windows in the corner of each room, as apposed to the traditional centering on walls, further accentuates the relationship between inside and outside. This unusual placement has the further advantage of letting in abundant light, which bounces off the white perpendicular walls and illuminates the interior. All rooms have direct access to the forest outside. When required, electronically controlled shutters covers all apertures (windows and doors) for privacy or security.

House Wiethaus was conceived and self-built within extreme time and budget limitations, and is specifically designed for an elderly, physically challenged occupant.

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